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J.Lynn Bridal

Bridal Appointment FAQs



Please arrive at your scheduled time. We are typically unable to begin appointments early. Give us a call if you are running late. If we have a full day and you’re running late, we cannot extend your time slot. Late arrivals without notice that are 15 minutes or later are subject to rescheduling.

What to Expect 

When you arrive, your Bridal Consultant will greet you and direct you and your entourage to your Bridal Suite! They will then ask some basic questions about your wedding and then help you select dresses to try on. The dressing process is assisted by your consultant. We are here to answer your questions, provide guidance and help you find your perfect dress!


How to Prepare 

Select your entourage. Bridal Classic appointments include yourself and up to 3 guests. Bridal Classic Plus appointments include yourself and up to 5 guests. Bridal Luxe appointments include yourself and up to 6 guests. Bridal VIP appointments include yourself and up to 7 guests. We recommend you choose people who are supportive and will contribute to your experience. You are welcome to use Zoom or Facetime to include additional friends and family. 


Beverage/Food Policy 

Please don’t bring outside beverages or food except for water. Bridal Classic and Bridal Classic Plus appointments include water and champagne. Bridal Luxe appointments include water, sparkling water, champagne, mimosas, hot tea, and sweets. Bridal VIP appointments include water, sparkling water, champagne, mimosas, hot tea, catered charcuterie, small bites, and sweets. Please let us know if you would like alcohol to not be present/offered at your appointment, or if you or any group members have any food allergies or restrictions. 

What to Wear 

When trying on wedding dresses, we require you to wear something on your bottom half. That can be a thong or shape wear, or whatever you are comfortable with. You can also bring a strapless bra if you like. Bras aren’t necessary but can be worn if you are most comfortable wearing one.


What to Bring 

If you have a family heirloom that you are wanting to wear with your wedding dress, please bring it! If you have already purchased jewelry, shoes or any other accessories, you are welcome to bring those as well. We have pedestals to stand on in front of the mirrors, so heels are not needed. 



It’s okay if you aren’t sure what you are wanting to spend on your dress! We can help you with this. Our NEW wedding gowns range $750 - $2800. We understand weddings are costly! We are happy to work out personal payment plans.



Tipping is greatly appreciated! Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best service & experience possible. They don't work on commission, so don't be afraid of our staff! They aren't pushy, just helpful. All tips go directly to your consultant (cash, Venmo or credit card).



We recommend making other arrangements for kiddos, but we understand that’s not always an option. Kids are welcome amongst your entourage if they are closely watched by an adult the entire appointment. Our staff will be busy helping the bride and aren't able to keep an eye on any children. Our store has breakable and delicate objects that are not necessarily kid friendly. Please note that if anything in the store is damaged it is the accompanying adult’s responsibility to pay for cleaning and/or replacement.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that you let us know at your earliest convenience if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. For Bridal Luxe and Bridal VIP Appointments, 72 hours are required to cancel or reschedule.

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